How a Short Sale Works

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The Benefits of a short sale

If you find yourself unable to pay your mortgage, a qualified realtor can help you make some wise decisions as to whether a short sale may benefit you. They can also help negotiate the sometimes tricky details, so that perhaps you can avoid foreclosure.

For buyers, the housing market is paradise! Home prices are at their lowest in years, which means you can get a real bargain on a home. Short sales benefit both sellers and buyers, although you may sometimes hear otherwise. However you look at it, the buyer is going to get a deal. For the seller, while your credit won’t be completely left intact, it may not be completely ruined. In many instances, deciding on a short sale means that you may purchase another home in as little as two years. With foreclosure, the time period is usually 5 to 7 years!

A short sale is usually negotiated between the seller, their lender and the sellers agent. There are quite a few details to be worked through and sorted out, and the process can get pretty lengthy. This is where an experienced loss mitigation professional comes in. They have been through all of this before, and can help make the process less complicated and lengthy. Think of them as a ‘negotiator’ on your behalf.

Another benefit to the buyer is that they offer a price for the home. Of course, anything that is ridiculously low would be refused by the lender, but the buyer can often get a home at 30 – 40% lower than the normal asking price would be. This means that if you could not afford a $300,000 home previously, you may now be able to get a home in that price range for around $200,000. Quite a substantial savings!